2020 Seesaw Updates!

What's New for Seesaw in 2020?

  • "To do - in Progress - Done" list!

  • Record across multiple pages!

  • Multiple links on a page!

  • Record Video on each page!

  • And More!

Weds Workshop Seesaw Videos

Seesaw Activities

Seesaw Workflow Tips

Seesaw and Google

Digital Stickers

Seesaw Best Practices K-2

Seesaw/Google Best Practices 3-5

Getting Connected

Families need to know that there are two different apps.

  • Students need to use the Seesaw CLASS app

  • Families need to use the Seesaw FAMILY app

Seesaw Activity Creation

Creating activities from scratch... with ICONS!

Icon Code List

Using the Seesaw Activity Library

Sharing your Activities with your School

Activity Creation Deep Dive *slides as backgrounds and making movable objects [22mins]

Making Choice Boards in Seesaw with Google Slides

[1 hour webinar]

Seesaw Workflow Tips

We get so many posts! How do we manage them all? Ashley shares some really great tips for teacher productivity in this Wednesday Workshop.

Decides if this should be a post or an announcement.

Pre select a folder for your assignment.

Sort your unapproved post by folder or even by calendar.

Put multiple Student assingments into one activity!

4 Ways to Review Work on Seesaw

(Journal, Name, Folder, or Activity)

Getting items into Folders before assinging

Reviewing by Folders for better efficiency.

Using Draft and Send Back

Seesaw/Tech TIps
Seesaw and Google Weds Workshop

How does Google Classroom work with Seesaw?

  • Use Seesaw to communicate that there is a new activity in Google classroom.

  • Students use Google Classroom to complete the activity.

  • Students use the file upload tool and link to their Google Drive to post their Google Doc back into Seesaw and use the creative tools to reflect on their work and share it with their teacher and their families. (This is not as difficult as it seems. 3rd graders can do it!)

  • Video: Uploading Google Drive items to Seesaw

Can I still use Google Classroom?

Yes. Google Classroom is still the best way to manage assignments based in Google Drive. However, we need to add a Seesaw layer on top of Google Classroom for three main reasons:

Communication- There is no family communication in Google Classroom. Seesaw allows us to communicate with students and families to tell them when to go to Google classroom to get things done.

Sharing- It is difficult for families to see what work has been done without digging through their student’s classroom. Let students upload their Google work into Seesaw so families can find it easily.

Reflection- Seesaw allows students to reflect on top of their work using all the powerful tools Seesaw provides. Likewise it allows teachers and family members to give written, audio, and video feedback for students’ work.