Other Tools

Communication Tools for Students

In addition to what they can make in Seesaw and Google Classroom, there are several tools which help students create and communicate. Perhaps offer up one of these as an option for creative response?


Create a teacher-moderated video discussion forum. Allow students to post videos to you and each other with Flipgrid!

Flipgrid for Students

Adobe Spark

Students can quickly make Videos, graphics, and websites using Adobe spark. Make sure to use your school logins.

Logging into Adobe Spark


Make collaborative digital walls, flowcharts, annotated maps, and timelines.

A Tour of Padlet Styles

Quizzing and Assessment Tools

The best assessments for distance learning will be performance based (things they can't Google or copy) but it is nice to have a few platforms for formative assessment and quizzing. Here are few of our favorites.


My favorite fun quiz tool. Easily setup quizzes and assign them as homework to your Google Classrooms!

Assigning Quizizz with Google Classroom


Game Based quizzing made easy. Create your own quizzes or find them in the shared gallery. Copy and edit quizzes to make them your own.

Sharing Kahoot Challenges in Google Classroom


Make formative assessments from existing documents like PDFs or pictures. Monitor student progress in real time and give feedback. Assign directly to Google Classroom!