Self-Guided Exploration


Let's explore some useful tools to help our classes be REAL!

Take some time to watch some videos and take it upon yourself to run through the brief skill list.

Pro Tip: It is more fun if you work as a team to try things out so you can help each other troubleshoot and discuss application for next year.


Make a video discussion board for your classroom!


  • Sign into Flipgrid with Google

  • Make a "Grid" for your class

  • Create a new topic for your assignment

  • Share this discussion topic to Google Classroom or Seesaw


Make a collaborative wall for your digital classroom!


  • Sign in with Google

  • Create a Padlet

  • Adjust your Padlet settings

  • Share your Padlet with your Google Classroom or Seesaw Class

Raz Kids

Assign leveled books to kids and do running records for students!


  • Rostering Students ( video)

  • Get to know the Student Portal (video)

  • Assigning books and giving students fluency practice (video)

  • For Specialists: Sharing Students in RAZ (resource)

Adobe Spark

Students can make beautiful videos, graphics, and scrolling web stories quickly and easily!



Create quiz games for your class that you can run live in your classroom or assign the game as homework!


  • Sign into Quizizz with Google

  • Find a quiz you would like to run and add it to your library

  • Edit that quiz to suit your needs

  • Assign that quiz to your Google Classroom or Seesaw class


Create activities that collect formative assessment responses from students and give feedback in real time!


  • Sign into Formative with Google

  • Create an assignment for your students

  • Create Formative classes from your Google Classroom rosters

  • Post your assignment directly to Google Classroom

  • Try some activities with your team and play with giving feedback through Formative

Bitmoji Classroom

Make a virtual classroom to organize multiple resources and bring personality and fun to your distance learning!



Use Google docs or slides to create an interactive workspace for students that captures all of the resources and activities for a whole day, a whole week or a whole unit! Reduce clutter in your Google Classroom Classwork tab with Hyperdocs. (Note: This is an hour long webinar but it is really good. It is okay to fast forward through some of it if you are getting the concepts. )


  • Explore the Templates at

  • Make a sample hyperdoc or a hyper slides lesson for one of your units.

  • Share your hyperdocs/slides to Google Classroom or Seesaw

Turn YouTube videos into interactive lessons and assign them to your students!


  • Sign into Edpuzzle with Google

  • Find a Youtube video to turn into a lesson, or browse for a colleague's lessons

  • Or use your own class recording, and make it more interactive

  • Trim the video to fit your needs

  • Add quiz questions and notes

  • Share this lesson to your Google Classroom or Seesaw class.

Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Chrome Extensions can help teachers be more productive in a variety of ways. This video is a discussion from our weds workshops about chrome extensions we love.


  • Learn how to add chrome extensions from the chrome web store

  • Practice managing your extensions from the chrome settings menu

  • Spend some time playing with extensions that might help you out

Storytelling with Digital Comics

Engage students with digital comics. Ask them to tell a story, explain a concept, and much more.

  • Online comics are a great way to have students creatively use digital tools

  • Use Make Beliefs Comics

  • Use Google Slides

  • How to set up a template

  • How to publish to the web

Using Epic Books with Students

Epic is a digital reading site students love. How do you set it up for student access? What are the pros and cons?

  • Find out how to set up your class

  • What are the limitations for free (rather than paid subscription) access?

  • How do students find books

  • What's the difference between an ebook, an audiobook, and a read aloud?

Sharing Videos: YouTube, Viewpure, Edpuzzle

Sharing videos with students, especially the youngest, can be tricky. How do you remove other YouTube videos before sharing? Is it okay to publish to YouTube?

  • We explore several ways to safely share videos

  • Viewpure is a great way to remove ads and possibly inappropriate content

  • Edpuzzle lets you make videos interactive

  • Why would you want to publish your videos to YouTube with an unpublished link?

Digital Stickers

Here's a quick, easy, fun way to give students feedback on their work.

  • Everyone loves stickers!

  • How to find them and add them quickly to student digital work

  • Learn how to edit and change stickers if you want to get more advanced

  • Make feedback more fun and personal with stickers!