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Google Classroom Consistency: Rationale & Best Practices

Parent/Guardian Google Classroom Email Summaries

Google Classroom / Synergy Gradebook Sync

Elementary Specialists and Google Classroom

Here is how Elementary specialists create and find the join codes for their Google Classrooms.

Rubric Grading

You can set up rubrics for easy grading in Google Classroom! Worth a look!

Our Digital Learning Hub: Google Classroom

Google Classroom has (almost) everything a teacher needs to run a remote learning experience. Anything it doesn’t have, we can add in with other free tools.

Why Google Classroom?

Many of you are using email or websites to keep your students in the loop. This is fine for a face to face environment. In a remote learning setting, students need to keep track of all of their classes and assignments in one place. If every teacher uses Google Classroom, a student will see all of their assignments every time they log in. This is crucial for a completely online environment.

Getting Started

Go to or look for it in your waffle. Click the + button and select Create Class. Once your class is created you should invite students to your class by their email addresses, or if they don’t check their email, send the class code home so students can join your class.

I have made my own website, can I still use it?

Sure! Use the link feature in the assignments tool to send students where you want them to go. But please use Google Classroom as well to make sure that students can keep track of all of their assignments. If every teacher posts assignments to Google Classroom, students will know they aren’t missing anything.

***You can add co- teachers to your classroom through the “People” tab. Just click the add person button in the teacher section. Add co-teachers, specialists, or EA’s.

Google Classroom is great for in-class communication but has no external communication. Remind lets teachers message students and families without having to dig through contacts and emails. Parents can choose how they want to receive notifications: via text, email, or app notifications.

Getting Started

Sign up for free with your Google account at Set up your classes and then click add people and then click “print PDF” to generate a document that tells people how to get messages from your class. Send those PDFs out via email (through Synergy, perhaps) and get parents and students to sign up for your notifications. That’s it! Now you are connected!

Getting Started with Remind for Teachers

How Families and Students Join a Remind Class