Classroom Experiences

We would love to connect you with resources and lesson ideas to bring STEAM learning into your classrooms. Please contact us to reserve a resource or plan an experience with us. Email Chris Hesselbein ( or Larry Zurcher ( to get on our schedule!

Classroom Robotics


A coding experience for PreK-1st Grade without screen time.

Dash and Dot

Coding Robots for 2nd -5th grade that come with accessories and apps ready to go.


Code these tiny robots with marker trails Fun for all ages!

Sphero Bolt

These rolling robots integrate a lot of math into a tiny package. The can handle advanced coding and even interact with each other!


This classroom safe drone is ready to fly with your coding commands!

Maker Activities


Use block based coding along with this programmable circuit board to control sensors, motors and lights.

SAM Labs

Modular bluetooth blocks which can be coded to interact with each other. No wires means connectivity at a distance.

Paper Circuits

Ask us about how to electrify your paper projects with led lights, copper tape and a watch battery!

Video Production

We have equipment available to turn your class into a movie studio. From stop motion animation to Green screen video production, we can help your students communicate their learning through a creative medium.

AR and VR

Google Expeditions is the easiest way to bring Virtual reality and augmented reality to your classrooms. Run a virtual field trip for your classroom, or better yet, Have your students create their own narrated virtual tours based around your own content areas!

Custom Integrated Lessons

Want to make a lesson that blends with your content areas? Just let us know and we can brainstorm ways to get your students engaging with STEAM in new ways!