Welcome Back!

Updates for 20/21

Here are a few new additions to our knowledge base that may come in handy as we start the year.

  • Zoom- We have a new Video Conferencing platform! Learn more about it here.

  • Google Classroom- Let's be consistent about how we post in google classroom!

  • Seesaw- We still have access to Seesaw! See what's new this year.

  • Student and Family Resources- We are making new videos for families and students we will post them here.


What is Clever?

Clever is a single sign on solution that simplifies some of our many logins. Not all services we use connect with Clever, but it will definitely make logging in easier. Some services might log in with Clever, some might log in with Google, some might have their own individual logins. Wanty to learn more about Clever? Watch the 10 minute video to the right! Not sure how to log in? See below!

How do you log into your online apps?

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