Oak Middle School Drama

Oak Middle School Drama

Upcoming Shows:


February 27th and 28th at 7pm

Oak Middle School Multi-Purpose Room

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8th grade drama students perform in 3 different shows throughout the school year. Class work involves refining each student's acting capabilities and focus is on space work, creating characters, vocal projection, expression and improvisation. Students participate in directing, stage management, set and costume design projects.


Intermediate students explore acting techniques through drama games, pantomime and improvisation. Students create video projects while learning about a variety of genres. They produce a class play performed toward the end of the school year.

6th Grade Wheel

6th grade students spend 10 weeks exploring the many job opportunities available in theater and playing a variety of games that give an introduction to drama.

Jr. Thespian Festival/LAMDA

Intermediate and Advanced students have the opportunity to showcase scenes and monologues at the Jr. Thespian Festival. They are also able to participate in LAMDA Exams, an AP equivalent.