Mrs. Phillips

7th Grade Reading & Language Arts


The WHAT DID WE DO TODAY page is an ongoing curriculum calendar. Students should go to the WHAT DID WE DO TODAY page for access to the DAILY SLIDES. The DAILY SLIDES will have all the information that was presented and reviewed in class, including the DAILY HOMEWORK. Remember the WHAT DID WE DO TODAY is an advance notice of what is coming up, and will be UPDATED daily as teachable moments occur on a regular basis.

It is a good idea for students to check the DAILY SLIDES if they are absent from school.

Helpful Hints:

*Make sure you are using your account when trying to access this page at home.

*If you are absent always reference the WHAT DID WE DO TODAY page, click on the date(s) you were absent, and check out the material covered in class before returning to class.

2019 Semester 2 DAILY SLIDES