CO2 Cars


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When is the car due?

Tuesday December 3. It's okay to bring in on Monday when we get back, but cars won't be graded until Tuesday.

What are the dimension requirements?

How will the car be graded?

The finished car is worth 50 points.


  • Painting not done: -12
  • Painting partially done: -6 (Includes anything other than paint or wood stain)
  • Body less than 1cm where required: -5
  • Less than 12 cm between axle holes: -5
  • Less than 5mm around the cartridge hole: -5
  • Less than 5mm under axle holes: -3

Cars are considered legal if they have a score of 47 or greater (not counting paint deductions).

What about the wheels and eyehooks?

If you feel comfortable assembling the wheels and/or eyehooks yourself over Break, go for it. Otherwise, bring back the parts, and I'll help you with it when we grade them on Tuesday December 3.

What do I do for painting?


  1. Sand your car really smooth after you have completely shaped it with the saws, files and anything else you are going to use at school or at home. For the best results, get some 220 grit sandpaper after you have used the 100 grit in your kit.
  2. Get an adult to buy a can of spray primer and a can of whatever final color(s) you want (Krylon or a similar brand) at the hardware store (Ace, Lowes, Home Depot, Ganahl, etc.). They won’t sell it to kids.
  3. Spray two good coats of primer on your car. Let dry at least an hour between coats. Let the whole thing dry 24 hours before you sand.
  4. Sand the primer coats smooth with the 220 paper.
  5. Spray another coat of primer. Let dry!
  6. Lightly sand, and then spray your color coat(s). Let it dry a day before working on the car.

Alternate Cheapy procedure:

  1. Sand as noted above.
  2. Buy a can of your final color paint.
  3. Spray two coats of the color paint as directed in step 3 above.
  4. Sand with the 220 paper.
  5. Spray a final color coat.

Or, You Can Hand Paint It:

  1. Use the sanding procedure noted above, pick any colors – or stain and varnish/lacquer – put on a couple coats sanding between coats.

I think my car might be there anything I can do?

It depends. If you can fix it before grading, that's great. If it's possible to add wood back to the car in order to make the car meet the requirements, please do that.

Another option is to purchase a new kit and start fresh. To do that, please email me (, and I will arrange to get that to you ASAP. The cost is $15.

If the car arrives for grading and is determined to be disqualified, that's the final decision. I do my very best to be as precise in measuring as possible before making that decision, and if I am at all uncertain, I ask Mr. Beck for a 2nd opinion (so that your student knows it's not my personal opinion of their car).

What if my car ends up being disqualified?

You will still get to race your car in the first round; if your car wins, you will still get full credit on the racing points. All disqualified cars, though, are done racing after the first round regardless of whether it won or lost. Since Round 2 and beyond are for extra credit points, it wouldn't be fair for a car that broke the rules to then earn extra credit.