Class Information



Welcome to Art levels I, II, III, & IV! In this class, we will be exploring perception, creative expression / performance, historical and cultural heritage and critical evaluation. Our units of study will include: drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, 2D and 3D design, and art history.


In order to achieve success in this class, I expect you to always be prepared to learn and work. I will supply most of the tools you will need. However, there is a fee of $20 for this class, which should be paid in a timely manner.

Class Policies

As high school students, you will be expected to maintain a high level of maturity and responsibility. You may expect to be treated with respect and dignity in this class at all times, by both your classmates and myself. To ensure this, we will adopt the following guidelines:

Guiding Principles

We show RESPECT to people, other property, and ourselves.

We accept RESPONSIBILITY for our work, our decisions, and our actions.

We COMMUNICATE what we think, feel, want and need. We ask for help!

We work COOPERATIVELY with one another and all school staff.

We are consistently PREPARED and FOCUSED.


Expectations & Procedures

Class Expectations

Be seated and working when the bell rings.

Come to class with a positive attitude and willing to learn and participate.

Abstain from using your cell phone during class (unless otherwise noted).

Enjoy food, drinks, and gum outside of the classroom.

Attend to personal needs before or after class.

Grading policy


Your grade will reflect your work and effort in class. Grades will be weighted as follows:

Major Projects - 40%

Minor Projects - 30%

Participation – 30%

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to see me about missed work / notes as soon as possible.


Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Fine Arts