Steve Dolezel

Science / Athletics

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Phone Number: 254-857-4604

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Daily Schedule:

1st Period- 8:10-8:55 - Physics

2nd Period- 9:00-9:50 Conference

3rd Period- 9:55-10:40 IPC

4th Period- 10:45-11:30 IPC

5th Period- 12:05-12:50- Physics

6th Period-12:55-1:45- Physics

7th Period- 1:50-2:35 - Athletics

8th Period- 2:40-3:25 Athletics

Upcoming Lessons

Mar. 18-22, 2019

Monday- IPC- Solids, Liquids and Gases

Intro. to Vocabulary. Students will make a Power Point using the 3 states of matter vocabulary

Physics: Students will engage in reviewing both terms and equations related to electricity.

Tuesday- IPC-Discuss properties of Solids

Physics-Students will complete their reviews for the upcoming test.

Wedenesday-IPC- Properties of Liquids

Physics-Magnetism videos

Thursday-IPC - Behavior of Gases

Physics-Completion of Magnetism videos

Friday-IPC- Lab: Discovering Energy waste in light bulbs.

Physics- Lab: Building a Motor. Electricity and Magnetism


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