KS4 Curriculum

Year 10

Students start their GCSE coursework that is a project called ‘Viewpoint’. This project lasts for the whole of year ten and is 60% of the students overall photography grade. They will focus on basic photography skills such as leading lines, depth of field, worms eye view etc. There will be opportunity for the students to photograph outside of school and the school grounds to support their work. Photoshop experimentation is a huge part of the photography course and the students will be guided through each skill step-by-step. They will experiment with double exposure, ‘little planets’, photo montages and photo manipulation

Year 11

Students continue with their viewpoints project at the start of year eleven to refine and annotate. They then start a ‘mini’ project that is based on ‘macro’ photography where students focus on zooming in on objects, materials and textures. They look at artists such as ‘Slinkachu’ and respond using little figures to create situations and experiment with the perspective. Their photography exam is given to the students after Christmas and is made up of ten starting points that the students can choose themselves. This lasts from January through till April and the students sit a ten hour exam where they create a final piece for their exam project.

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