KS3 Curriculum

This course seeks to instil in all students a sense of wonder in the world around them and to equip them with the Geographical skills required in order to progress to higher levels of study. It covers, both the physical environment in which we live and the challenges in the human environment.

Year 7

Term 1

Geographical skills – Using maps, locating places, scale and direction

Term 2

Living in the UK – Climate and relief, settlement patterns

Case study 1: Solving Birmingham’s traffic problem

Term 3

Eco – systems 1

Case study 2 : What are the benefits of developing the rainforest?

Year 8

Term 1

Rivers – the river system, causes and effects of flooding

Case study 3: The Tewkesbury and Bangladesh floods – a comparison of the effects of flooding in a developed and less developed country

Eco – systems 2

Hot deserts – location, formation, climate, plant and animal adaptation. Design your “ideal desert animal”

Is Las Vegas “doomed”?

Term 2

Africa – a diverse continent?

China – an emerging economy?

Term 3

Tourism in the UK – the importance of tertiary industry, the changing nature of tourism

Case study 4: Drayton Manor Theme Park – design your own theme park!

Year 9

Term 1

Glaciation – Location and formation, glacial processes. The impact of tourism on glacial areas

Case study 5: Ambleside, the Lake District

India – location, climate and topography, quality of life. Another day in paradise: design a tourist information leaflet – the “real” India: things they do and do not want you to see!

Term 2

Dubai – how has it changed? What does the future hold?

Birmingham 2 :Decline and regeneration

Term 3

Begin GCSE course ( AQA)

Topic 1 – Natural hazards – earthquakes and volcanoes. Causes and location

Case study 6: The L’Aquila and Gorkha earthquakes – a comparison of the effects of earthquakes in a developed and less developed country

Weather hazards – distribution and factors which influence location, the formation and progress of tropical storms. Effects and responses to tropical storms

Case study 7: Typhoon Haiyan

Extreme weather in the UK – storms, flooding,drought

Case study 8: Cumbria 2009

Climate change? – prove it!

KS4 Curriculum

Year 10

Term 1

Topic 2

Eco – systems – inter dependence, changes which affect the balance of the eco-system, distribution and characteristics

· Tropical rainforests – adaptations and development. Sustainable management strategies

Case study 9: The Amazon rainforest

· Hot deserts – climate and soils; biodiversity issues. Desertification - human causes

Case study 10: Development issues in the Western Desert

Desertification - human causes and solutions

Case study 11: Darfur

· Cold climates – animal adaptations, protecting the wilderness, balancing development and conservation, can the Arctic be saved from climate change?

Case study 12: Alaska’s development challenges

Term 2

Topic 3 – The physical diversity of the UK

· Coastal landscapes – the power of waves, coastal processes and rock structure. Coastal features and management.

Case study 13: Coastal realignment in Medmerry

· River landscapes – fluvial processes, the changing profiles of a river, key features. Physical and human causes of flooding, storm hydrographs, river management

Case study 14: The Jubilee River flood relief channel

· Field work 1 – How does the velocity of a river change along its course?

Term 3 The global pattern of urban change

Topic 4 – Urban trends

· differing rates of urbanisation

· factors affecting population growth.

· challenges facing urban areas

Case study 15: Lagos – Urban growth in Nigeria: megacities

· Introduction of DME (Paper 3 – Geography skills and applications)

Topic 5 – Cities in the UK

· Population distribution and structure, cultural diversity

· Changing employment patterns

· Opportunities for recreation and entertainment

· Improvements to transport

· The benefits of green cities

· Urban inequalities

· The housing shortage

· Urban problems

· Re-generation

· Sustainable development

Case study 16: The importance of London

· Field work 2 – The impact of out of town shopping on the traditional high street.

Year 11

Term 1 – Economic development and quality of life

Topic 6 – world development

· How are countries classified?

· Characteristics of countries with different levels of development

· Factors influencing development

· Consequences of uneven development

· Reducing the development gap

Case study 17: Tourism in Tunisia

Topic 7 – economic change in Nigeria

Term 2 – the changing UK economy

· How has the industrial structure of the UK changed?

· Field work 1 – How has the growth of out of town shopping affected the traditional high street?

· The impact of globalisation

· De- industrialisation

Case study 18: Cambridge – a high-tech hub

· Rural change

· The North South divide

· Transport and infrastructure investment

· Making industry more sustainable

· The UK’s place in the world

Topic 8 – global resource management

· Food

· Fuel

· Water

Term 3

Revision and GCSE examinations

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