Business Studies

Business Studies KS4

Business at KS4 lends itself to pupils' learning through activity and discussion. Pupils will be stimulated by a wide range of resources including case studies, business simulations, newspaper articles, magazines, web-based activities and role plays to consider realistic problems and develop recommendations. The Business Studies course will help pupils to develop skills that will serve them well at A-Level and beyond, irrespective of the course and career they pursue after Lordswood Boys' School . In particular, pupils will learn how to consider human behaviour, use theory and analytical techniques and evaluate alternatives in the face of uncertainty. As well as improving their ability to interpret and present data in various forms, pupils will benefit from opportunities to progress other key skills such as Communication and Information Technology. Although many pupils will ultimately pursue careers in some area of business and therefore gain a direct benefit from having studied this subject, even those headed for less obviously commercial areas will benefit from an understanding of issues that are common to any organisation, such as motivation, project planning and budgeting.

Units to be covered

Unit 1 Enterprise in the Business World-internal coursework

Unit 2 Finance for Business-external exam

Unit 3 Promoting a Brand-internal coursework

Unit 8 Recruitment, Selection and Employment-internal coursework

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BTEC Firsts Business (2012) | Pearson qualifications

How do I support my son?

You can support your son by encouraging him to read a range of texts, including newspapers , books and magazines, ranging from the latest business news to entrepreneurs autobiographies.

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