The Great Lordswood Boys'Spelling Bee

A whole school Spelling Bee is being launched with students week beginning 16.3.18. There will be 5 weeks of preliminary competition which will see Literacy teams going against each other with a final held in the 6th week. The competition rounds will be held in the library and will begin at 1.30 pm.

The instructions will be as follows:

  1. All students will be given the appropriate word lists in this first week. These lists will form the basis for the competition and will be appropriate to the reading age of the student.
  2. The rounds will be held in the library during Friday lunchtimes with the final being held in the main hall.
  3. The pronouncers and judges will be pupils from the elite squad.
  4. The pronouncer will announce the word to be spelled, use the word in a sentence and then repeat the word again.
  5. The speller (pupil) will repeat the word, spell it and then say it again.
  6. If the judge is satisfied that the correct spelling has given, the speller remains in the game.
  7. If the incorrect spelling was given, the speller is eliminated from the round. The judge will give the correct spelling of the word.
  8. The pronouncer will then move on to a new word with the next student.
  9. This format will continue until there is a winner.
  10. Forms will enter 2 pupils.

Week 1 Winner

Jacksonville Jaguars

Year 8 Rizwan Noori

Week 2 Winner

Detroit Lions

Year 8 Danish Ali

Week 3 Winner

Dallas Cowboys

Year 7 Hasan Mouliom

Week 4 Winner

Carolina Panthers

Year 8 Vithushan Vimalachandran

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