Lopez Island Remodeling done by me-- siding and interiors, Milgard new style windows, pine,cedar, and battens

Retirement Home, Lopez Island Remodel- was a 1100 sq ft built in 1978, now a 1830 sq ft. All work (design, plans, permitting and construction ) done by Jimmy. I can show you this one easily-- Its mine

Hanging rock by myself all new deck sub-structure roof over a roof

Joans studio Storage building and the space for the new studio

M.R. of Lopez said it was a tear down, Jimmy said "no its just another remodel"

Kitchen designed, cabinets built by Jimmy

Boards from an old schools walls Raised beds, greenhouse by Jimmy

Kitchen in progress I actually new it would be a beautiful home on Lopez

Love to do garden stuff Rot removed by Jimmy

Jimmy's son Kevin (PHD, Fullbrite Scholar Garage addition by Jimmy

I can hang rock, I'll never be a great taper Not bad at kitchens

Joans new studio, built 2016- 360 sq ft

Owner's Previous Home, Wilsonville Oregon, Sold 2008

5700 sq ft custom, designed, drawn, built by Jimmy. 5 bdrms, 4 1/2 baths, 4 car garage, 5 acres. Sold it for $1.5m.

4 car garage

Construction watch dog watching, God I loved that dog Over 6000 pavers installed in driveway and patio's

Waterfall designed and installed (every damn rock) by jimmy Trex deck and lower gardens

Trex decks by Jimmy

Custom cabinetry done by relative of Daniel Boone (Steve)

Kitchen design by Jimmy

18 foot ceilings - whole umbrella held taught by 1" aircraft wire cable

Bathrooms (5) designed and installed by Jimmy