Mrs. Beenders

Please bring earbuds to class everyday!

Welcome to 6th grade science! This year we will focus on Earth science. Our main resources will be the Discovery Techbook. Check this website often for updates and links to great websites. I cannot wait for us to learn and have a great year!

We will primarily focus on Earth Science in 6th grade Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Geology (Earth's history and plate tectonics)
  • Meteorology (Weather, climate, and severe storms)
  • Oceanography (Physical and Geographic aspects)
  • Astronomy (Sun-Earth-Moon system, Planets, Galaxies)
  • STEM - activities that expand upon our knowledge in the field of Earth science

The Discovery Education Techbook will be our primary resource in science.

Upcoming Assignments:

Bring earbuds to class everyday!

QUIZ on 50 States will be Wednesday 1/23. Check Google Classroom for a review game.