LOONOL Keyboard Layout

LOONOL Keyboard Layout is derived from qwerty. The right ring finger easily exhausts when we use qwerty layout keyboards for a long time typing. Because O L are frequent letters in English. L is moved to middle finger zone on LOONOL layout keyboards. Middle fingers are much stronger than ring fingers. So LOONOL layout keyboards can alleviate the hurt to your right hand fingers. It is compatible to qwerty layout. You know most of shortcuts are on the left hand zone of qwerty layout.

To change your qwerty layout to LOONOL layout, you can use below files.

For Windows, download USLOONOLWIN.ZIP and extract it. Run setup.exe to install.

For macOS, download USLOONOLMACOS.ZIP. Extract it to "/Library/Keyboard Layouts" folder. Open Keyboard References and add LOONOL input in English to your keyboard list.

Enjoy it! ^_^