Mrs. Swantko

Class Expectations

The Miner Way

Be Respectful

Enter and Leave Classroom Quietly (Get Materials Quickly and Quietly; Put All Materials Away)

Listen When Others are Speaking (Eyes on the Speaker)

Allow Others Quiet Space to do Their Best Learning Too -- (Even if you are done or can talk while doing your work, others may not be able to concentrate.)

Be Courteous -- (Respect Personal Belongings and Personal Space)

Be Responsible

Do Your Best (If you do not understand, ask for help)

Follow Directions (Be on the website you are supposed to be on )

Admit to Mistakes and Be Willing to Make Amends

Do Your Part for the Good of the Class

Be Ready

Be On Time -- (Line up quietly outside and wait to come in.)

Bring Materials to Class -- (If you are need of materials, i.e. pencils, highlighter, book, etc., come to class early)

Stay Focused -- (When working on the Chromebooks, only be on the websites you are supposed to be on.

Plan and Organize Yourself -- (Complete planner and allocate time to do work).