Three Sisters

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About Three Sisters Star Line Cruises:

We Three Sisters are ready to make your dream vacation to space come true! As founders of this luxurious cruise company, we have found a way to make a space cruise along the stars so you can study our solar system in person. With five-star recommendations world wide, and the president's approval, we agree that your extra savings should be put to this once-in-a-lifetime trip! We hope you can join us soon on our top-notch star line cruise!

With Love,

The Three Sisters

About our Star Line Cruises:

Our cruises are top-notch, five-star rated luxurious space cruises that are sponsored by Jamba Juice, Starbucks Coffee and Tea, and In-N-Out Burger. Our best meal served is our shrimp souffle, jambalaya, pasta, and more. Our hotel rooms go from couples size to party size. Our ship is 100% comet proof, so you are 100% out of danger.

What You Will See:

The average person only learns about our solar system through books, but we want you to come join us and learn by actually living it! All of our tours include a tour of our whole solar system, including all the planets, close-ups to asteroids and comets, the Oort Cloud, the Kuiper Belt, and even a landing on the moon! We want to give you the experience of a lifetime, so come and join us on this amazing once in a lifetime cruise.