Come with us and explore our solar system on a luxury space cruise.

(Summer package includes spacewalk and meals cooked by our celebrity chef.)

On the tour of our solar system we will be stopping at planets, moons, and the Oort Cloud. Who knows we might pass by pluto. Our ship is called Superstellar118.

Enjoy this cruise for 1 million dollars a room. There are 500 rooms. These rooms will have soap for you to steal and complimentary towels and complimentary breakfast and room service for those who are guests.

There is five star restaurants and five star bars for the parents. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay will be the chef for this cruise only in the summer package.

Space walk is included in the summer package for free, but if you do not have the summer package one spacewalk will be $500,000.01.

Read our other pages for more specific information about the cruise.