Space Cruises Available!

Welcome to Stellar Starlines' Space Cruises! Because of our recent discovery of the warp drive, we can now travel through and beyond the solar system in a matter of months. We will be visiting many out of this world destinations, while you still have the comforts of home! The crew at Stellar Starlines provides the best of the best, including excellent food, living quarters, and activities to keep you busy before we see our next destination. We hope you have a great time at Stellar Starlines Space Cruises!

History of Astronomy

Astronomy is a science that has been studied for ages, first dating back to 1600 BC. Writings recorded by the Babylonians and the Nebra Disk (right) found in northern Europe were created during this time period. Then, astronomy helped begin culture, by developing mythology. Over the years, several scientists became more interested in astronomy and started to figure out more about space. This is what lead us to the information we know today, and what allowed us to create Stellar Starlines Space Cruises.

Nebra Disk


Light is produced when energy is radiated, or given off, from electrons changing orbital levels when revolving around a nucleus. There are natural sources of light, which include the sun and stars, electrical light, such as lightning, chemical light, such as fire, and man-made light, such as light bulbs.

Remini, Abby, Caleb, Heidi