Welcome aboard the Space Princess! During this trip our princesses will experience full luxury treatment (lounge area, spa, restaurants/room service, etc). Our space boat also has fun for the whole family (including a indoor pool/water slides, spa, indoor arcade, a adults only open bar, lounge, amazing restaurants, and a high tech telescope stations room). The trip will consist of multiple destinations. Our first stop will be to Mars, following a full view of the constellation Ophiuchus the Serpent-Bearer, then finally a trip to Neptune with up close observation. More information about our life changing Space Princess is below, please continue to read and contact us (916-123-4567) for any of your concerning questions. Booking can be done by phone call or private booking on the website.

This is the Space Princess!

The Space Princess is a high tech space yacht with many luxuries. The Space Princess has over 600 bourgeois rooms and a total of 20 suits. Each room comes complete with the needed number of sleeping arrangements, a restroom, and a small kitchen. The rooms of the suits come with the needed number of sleeping arrangements, two restrooms, a far bigger room space, a larger kitchen with a bar, and a entertainment areas containing a TV and gaming consoles. The Space Princess comes with many options of entertainment including a indoor pool, a luxury spa, a high quality telescope stations room, a lounge area, adults only open bar, arcade room, amazing restaurants, and water slides. The Space Princess also comes with space probes as part as emergency escape situation and as way to explore our celestial destinations.

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