Space Cruise Line

The D3:31

The D3:31 is the top of the line space cruiser, ideal for up close astronomy in comfort. Have confidence in your luxury travel through stable worm holes. Call 1-800-555-1123 to book now!

Pilot: Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil is a great pilot who cares deeply for his passengers. He will surely make this a great experience!


From our observation decks or from the surface of our away visits, enjoy full use of our top of the line equipment:

  • T1000 Galilei Telescopes
  • Full rotation observation chair

For planetary surface viewing, you may also checkout:

  • Folding camp table
  • Red-light flashlight
  • Orion Dynamo Power Tank
  • Cloaking Device (subject to additional fees)


During our tour, we will be visiting three planets and five stars. The planets will be Venus, Mars, and Vulcan. The stars will be the Sun, Sirius, Betelgeuse, Spica, and a Neutron star. We will also be visiting the Crab Nebula and a White Hole! Book soon, as we will surely sell out!