Welcome to the SS *insert spaceship name here*

Welcome Aboard!

Join us on a trip around the Galaxy!

The SS *insert spaceship name here*

This ship is the way of the future. This is very high quality paper that is infused with steel. It is made for aerodynamics and speed. It can take on the damage of 100 atom bombs and can take on the weight of over three billion elephants. It can travel 5x the speed the light normally and has the power to get out of a black hole( if needed to).


This is the pilot, James, He will take you along on a amazing journey around the galaxy.


this is your Co pilot for this amazing journey


Master Doctor and High Tier Scientist the best in the galaxy


director of the musical's we have in our performing arts company on board the ship.


A Nice Luxurious Bathroom


Beautiful Modern Kitchen

Dining Room

dining room


Mars will be our first stop, during the trip. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun often described as the ¨ Red Planet ¨ because of its looks, it is a terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere composed primarily of carbon dioxide.


Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system it is the fifth planet from the sun,and it is almost as big enough to be a star. It is our second stop, along the journey.




Destinations our the trip around the galaxy!

VY Canis Majoris

Here is also another place we will be visiting The largest star that we know of in the whole universe VY Canis Majoris it's a long way from Earth. It is between 3,900 and 5,000 light years. It's so big if it was the Sun in our solar system its surface would extend past Jupiters orbit.

The prices for a family of 6 are:

Week: $30 million

Month: $50 million

Year: $1 billion

Dining Options

Restaurants and dining options

1) Sister Silly Goose Sandwiches

2)Sterling Ann Sushi

3)Hamilton Happy Meals



6)Ah-ah-ah! Ice cream

Food Buffet