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"Once in a lifetime opportunity!"


S.P.A.C.E stands for Super - Prestine - Astronomical - Cool - Experience. This cruise has multiple stops such as Mercury, Uranus, Barnard's star, and finally Markarian 421, which is a Blazar. At each stop we will do an engaging activity that you're sure to love! The trip lasts for two weeks.

About your space experience:

The cost for this amazing two week space vacation is only $1 million dollars per person! We will charge an extra $10,001 dollars for you to use our deluxe restrooms. If you choose not to pay then you can use the community portable bathrooms. Some information on what we'll be doing on our trip are visiting four different space locations such as Mercury, Uranus, Barnard's star, and Markarian 421. At each destination we would have different activities plan that everyone will enjoy! It will take a half a day to get to each destination, no matter where we are located. At each destination we will be spending approximately three days there. While you are on our ship, aka the S.S. Space Taco, we while have a petting zoo. If you happen to not like petting zoos then you can stay in your own hotel room that we provided for you. If you would like to know more than just come join us yourself and have an amazing experience! There are no refunds.