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Brief History of Astronomy

In 1543 Nicolaus copernicus published his theory of a heliocentric universe. Then in 1609 Galileo used a telescope for astronomy and discovered. the four brightest moons orbiting mars. In the same year Kepler announced his first and second laws of planetary motion then ten years later in 1619 he announced his third law for planetary motion. In 1905 Albert einstein the special theory of relativity. In 1911-1914 Hertzsprung and Russel introduces the HR diagram. In 1916 Albert introduces the theory of general relativity. Then in 1957 sputnik the first thing launched into space was launched. Yuri gagarin becomes the first man to orbit the earth in 1961. The hubble space telescope was put into space in 1990.

telescope history

Telescopes are optical instruments that magnifies Distance thing. The telescope is used to observe things that are far away.

Spectrographs are a tool used in astronomy that separates light by its wavelength and then it records the spectrum of light.

Cameras are used in in astronomy to take pictures of thing and it's also used in spectrographs to record the spectrum of light.

Computers are used in astronomy they can be used to simulate theories are other thing an example is planet nine when the simulated our Solar system being formed and it showed the there had to be a ninth planet. Computers can also be used to record data.