Kurtis and Bros Space Cruises

Kurtis special tour

Starting at $1,000 a night

Middle class tour

Starting at $2,000 a night

First class tour

Starting at 6-9 thousand a night

And for an extra $29.99 Codis will massage your toes

He has very long fingers so he can get into the deepest cracks of your feet for an undeniably amazing and relaxing experience. he also has no fingernails. No claws no problems.

SS Kurtis space kruise Ship

Its our biggest ship in the solar system right now, the farthest its ever been was to the moon and it nearly crashed. But where taking it to the next level and going through the whole solar system

SS Bro space cruise Ship

The bro ship is a smaller ship where mostly bros go to space and have a great time. We have not tested it out yet but we assure you it is a great ship