Kodiak of the Month

As a community, the staff, students, and parents of H. Clarke Powers School strive to exhibit the characteristics of the Learner Profile attributes. In addition, each month at our Kodiak of the Month assemblies, we recognize a student from each classroom that has gone above and beyond to exemplify the Learner Profile characteristic for the month.

September - Caring: Caring students help others, try to make people around them happy, are nice, considerate, sensitive to others needs and show empathy.

October - Courageous: Courageous students try new things, use their own initiative, believe in themselves, never give up, make mistakes and learn from them, give it a go even if they feel shy, and solve problems in different ways.

November - Thinker: Thinkers build on other people’s ideas, try several new ways to solve a problem, are original, and connect things they know.

December - Communicator: Communicators express their feelings and ideas, share their thoughts with others, follow directions, talk about their ideas, use other languages, and are good listeners.

January - Open-Minded: Open-minded students listen to others, accept other points of view, experience new things, accept that people are different and may do different things, try to understand others, realize not everyone is like them, and accept differences in others.

February - Inquirer: Inquirers ask questions, look for new information by themselves, are curious, always try to learn and discover new things, and always try to know more.

March - Principled: Principled students are honest, try to do what is right, are fair, follow the rules, and are responsible.

April - Knowledgeable: Knowledgeable students learn about themselves and their world, they try to learn new and different things, and use what they know to solve problems.

May - Balanced: Balanced students work hard, use their time wisely, are organized, eat healthy foods, exercise, learn about different things, and find the balance between work, play, and rest.

June - Reflective: Reflective students think about what they say, do, and learn. They learn from their mistakes, are aware that their actions and words have an effect on others, think about how they can improve, and make changes in order to become a better person.