Sra. Favorito

Come see the wonders of a Flexible Seating Classroom!

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See what YOUR children have to say!!!

“I think flexible seating helps me improve. I know for me if I sit all day my legs and feet start to hurt and it’s nice to have a classroom where you can stand at a high table or sit on a rolling chair. I think that this classroom set up is AWESOME!!!! 5***** ( 5 star).”

“I think flexibly sitting has helped me a lot lately. In other classes I feel trapped I can’t move and I can’t talk. With the flexible seating I can at least move around and I won’t get in trouble for making a little noise because I don’t disrupt others. I love this new idea and hope it will stay.”

“I love having a flexible classroom. I think it helps a lot because it helps me do better with my work and I have less anxiety. Also, it makes me enjoy this class and feel comfortable.”

“Flexible seating has helped me improve my listening and overall performance. A specific thing that has helped me improve is the ability to talk and move around without disturbing others. It helps me learn better when I'm not restricted to a desk and chair.”