Ms. Manna's 5th Grade

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Below is the Boston itinerary and parent letter that was sent home originally with the permission slips:

Boston Itinerary and letter

recent announcements From Mrs. Hutton:

Letter to grade 5.docx

May is Read to Feed Month!!

The Center School Cardinals will be working together as a community to help alleviate world hunger by supporting Heifer International!

Heifer International is an organization that helps families around the world and in the United States by giving gifts of livestock and training. The animals help families provide nutrition and income from selling products like eggs, yarn, or cheese. The training helps families learn to care for their animals so that they will continue to benefit from the gifts well into the future.

Step 1: Classes set goals for number of minutes to be read.

Step 2: Students seek out sponsors. Sponsors can offer an amount per minute or hour (which may motivate them to read more) or a flat rate. Sponsors may make their contributions online (a link will be posted on class webpages for easy access in the coming week ahead) or use the envelope provided in the Read to Feed Student Guide.

Step 3: READ, READ, READ for the whole month of May!

Step 4: Students turn in all materials at the end of the month.

Step 5: Classes will tally the number of minutes read and the amount of money raised. Together they will decide which animal(s) and/or supplies they would like to purchase.

Step 6: An all-school assembly will take place to celebrate our accomplishments!

We encourage you to talk with your child about what he/she learned from Miss Liz Woolsey from Heifer International about Heifer’s work at the assembly today. Students received a powerful message about how the organization is working to alleviate world hunger.

Check your child’s folder or backpack for the Read to Feed packet.

Let's go PeaceBuilders!!

The more we read, the more we help!

This year in our class, we will be talking a lot about the GROWTH MINDSET. To get you ready, I invite you to watch this short video reminding you that YOU CAN LEARN ANYTHING!