Ms. Nicole Catalano, LPC, LCADC

Student Assistance Counselor

Long Branch High School

"Together We Can, Juntos Nós Podemos, Juntos Podemos"


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4th Floor Suite

Phone: (732) 229-7300 x41009

Virtual platforms:

Google Classroom Code: soukrfa

Instagram: @GreenWaveConnection

YouTube: Green Wave Connection

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It is my mission to meet our students’ academic, emotional, behavioral, and chemical health needs by imparting positive living skills in a safe, nurturing environment. My role as a professional counselor is to guide students through various obstacles, which may be characterized by:

*feelings of anxiety & depression

*drug & alcohol concerns

*family transitions

*peer/social conflict

*stress management


*suicide prevention

Services may include individual and group counseling, prevention & psychoeducation, and linkage to community.

Students may self-refer or peers, family members, and staff may initiate a referral. All counseling services provided are confidential and voluntary unless otherwise mandated due to a violation of the school substance abuse policy. Students are encouraged to share their participation in counseling services with their parent/guardian although it is not required. In some situations, students may also give written permission for information to be disclosed. Please note the following exceptions when confidentiality must be broken:

*any indication of a safety risk when a student is at risk of harming him or herself

*is harming someone else, is being harmed by another individual

*if there is a legal mandate to do so (i.e. commission of a crime, issued subpoena, court order, or other involvement within the legal system)

*in the event of a medical emergency