Student Transcript Review

Are you on track for graduation?

Complete your own transcript review and create your 4 year plan today!

Follow these steps and talk to your counselor if you have any questions.

Use the Graduation Course & Credit Requirements reference sheet to view the minimum course graduation requirements in New Jersey.

This simple chart will also inform you of minimum college requirements.

Reference the Program of Studies to view the courses offered in each subject area or to view which graduation requirement a course you previously completed satisfies.

Use the Student Transcript Review form to check off the courses you successfully completed and to write-in the courses you must take to graduate. Print this form in your 9th grade year and update it each year of high school to track your progress! (If you are thinking about applying to Vocational School, skip to #4.)

Do you want to attend Vocational School in your 11th & 12th grade year? Planning starts in your 9th grade year! Use the Vocational Student Transcript Review form if your are planning to attend or are uncertain if you will apply to Vocational School in the spring of your 10th grade year.