Schedule Changes

2019-2020 Requesting a Schedule Change

Please review the schedule change procedures before submitting a request form.


The master schedule is developed from the student course requests submitted in early spring and it is finalized in late spring in order to set student/teacher schedules and set class sizes. Student schedules are created to align with state guidelines and a student’s post-secondary plans prior to the opening of school. For this reason, changes to a student’s schedule will not be granted unless the reason for change is based on an extenuating circumstance or circumstances outside of a student’s control. Changes to a student’s schedule will only be permitted without penalty one week (5 school days) from the first day of school.

Procedures for Requesting a Schedule Change

A parent may request a schedule change after the September 13, 2019 deadline or the February 7, 2020 deadline for administrative approval by submitting a Request for Schedule Change Form to the Guidance Counselor. Changes to a student’s schedule after the deadline will only be approved for extenuating circumstances. Any schedule changes made after the deadline could result in a failed grade for the marking period and might adversely affect determining National Honor Society, class rank, and athletic eligibility.

In the event of extenuating circumstances, the parent will submit a schedule change request form to the Guidance Counselor. Once the request is reviewed, a conference will be held with the student, parent, teacher, counselor, and principal when necessary. The principal must approve all changes.

Examples of Extenuating Circumstances

An example of extenuating circumstances would be a medical issue that would necessitate a change to a student’s schedule in the interest of their personal health and well-being. Documentation from the student’s physician would be required prior to adjusting a student’s schedule.

Examples of Schedule Change Denials

Examples of requests that are made for non-compelling reasons are a change of mind, lack of motivation, failure to seek extra help/tutoring, unsatisfactory academic performance, medical reasons not documented by a physician, request for different faculty member, or requests to change periods.

Dropping Down From: AP to Honors; Or Honors to a Regular Section

Students may request approval to drop down a course level in the first week of a new marking period if a plan for success was put in place and completed by the student. Prior to requesting removal from a higher level course, the student and parent must have met with the teacher to put the plan for success in place. If the teacher and student can demonstrate that the plan has been followed, the student has completed all assignments, and student has made an effort to seek all additional help available, a request may be made for a conference to discuss removal from the course. The request can be made by using the Schedule Change Request Form. The student may only drop down to a lower section of the same course. The student’s grade in the lower section class will be determined by combining the grades earned in both the higher level and lower level class. The principal’s approval is required for this schedule change to be processed.

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