Long Branch High School

Guidance Department

Tara L. Puleio

Director of Guidance

Jamie Lynn Hayes

Guidance Secretary

Ext. 41250

Jamie Dipersio

Guidance Secretary

Ext. 41252

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Small reminders for the 2019-2020 school year.

Schedule Changes: There are students that will report to you that they may have a scheduling error and need it changed. All schedule changes will be done during lunch shifts. Please do not send a student to see their Guidance Counselor during class time. All students will follow their schedule until the appropriate schedule change is made during their lunch shift.

Guidance Counselor Appointments: Students that need to see their counselor will make an appointment in their Academy Office before school, during their lunch shift, or after school. Students are never permitted to leave class to make an appointment with their Guidance Counselor.

Emergency Situations: In a case which a student has an emergency and must see their counselor, never permit a student in an emergency situation to leave your class unattended. Notify Safe School of the emergency so they can escort the student to meet the appropriate staff member to address the emergency.

Calendars: Please mark your calendars with the important assessment dates for the 2018-2019 School Year.

Activities: Please do not schedule any activities that would prevent participation in a scheduled standardized assessment such as class trips, days off, etc.

Testing: Although you might not teach classes with the participating grade level in any given assessment, you might still be needed to help administer the test based on student needs.

Wishing all Staff a Successful School Year from the LBHS Guidance Team!