Anti-Bullying Specialists

Tristin Fleck -Student Facilitator & School Safety Team Co-Chair

732.229.7300 x 41024

Amanda Terry - Student Facilitator & School Safety Team-Co Chair

732.229.7300 x 41047

District Coordinator Special Services

Marisa Fornicola

732.571.2868 x 40200

Safety Team Members

Nicole Catalano-SAC

Eric Peters-Attendance Officer

Jenna Camacho- Guidance Counselor

Charles Condone- Safe School Officer

Adrian Castro-Teacher of Spanish

Shaun Fitzgerald- Teacher of Math

Jamie Hayes- Secretary

Annie Gill- Teacher of Special Education

Jessica Sickler- Teacher of T.V. Studio and Film Production

Nick Tranchina- Head Teacher of Physical Education & Health; Teen Pep

Gerard Flint- School Psychologist

Kim Jones-Parent


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