Love of Literacy

"Some teachers TEACH the curriculum. Others TEACH students. There’s a big difference".

2018-2019 ELA Vision

To provide passionate educators with the tools to enrich and cultivate the true essence of loving literacy, so that children can create their self-portrait of themselves as READERS.

Creating a Literacy Lifestyle

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The Toolkit Manual for Literacy

What? and Why?

What's the difference between guided reading and strategy lessons?

Jennifer Serravallo, a well-known educator and transformer in the world of literacy, sets time aside monthly to respond to questions from teachers. She explicitly reveals not only the "what", but the research and practices that define the "why". In this 7 minute podcast, Jennifer explains the practices and differences that should be displayed between strategy lessons and guided reading sessions. Enjoy!

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Practice Spotlight:

Running Records

Now you can Watch Us Grow!

The attainment of skills is an organic process. Some days we exceed expectations, others we meet, and sometimes we fall a little short. In other words, there is no finish line.

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