Lone Tree HVAC Upgrades

Reviewing facility needs is a constant process. Through previous review of Lone Tree's facilities, the HVAC system was identified as an area that could use improvement. Currently, a large portion of the building's heat is provided by two steam boilers that are both over 50 years old and have exceeded their expected life cycle. Both boilers receive regular maintenance and are inspected annually. The portion of the building that was added in 2002 provides heat and air conditioning through a Geothermal system, completely separate from the steam boiler. Beyond the age of the steam boilers, other areas of improvements would be improving efficiency and provide ventilation to provide fresh air in the school building. 

In September of 2023, the Lone Tree School Board entered into an agree with Shive-Hattery Architecture and Engineering firm to determine the scope of work and estimated construction cost of various options for adding a new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) throughout the Elementary/Middle/High School. The system options analysis will apply to the portions of the school constructed in the 1970’s or before.

Below are the options Shive-Hattery reviewed:

Option A: Vertical Classroom Unit Ventilators with Hot Water Boilers and Air-Cooled Chiller

Option B: Air Cooled VRF with Energy Recovery Ventilators

Option C: Geothermal Well Field with Water Cooled VRF and Energy Recovery Ventilators

Option D: Geothermal Well Field with Water Source Heat Pumps

Option E: Combination of Option A and Option D

The Lone Tree School Board was given a final report of each option in December of 2023. Included in the report is a breakdown of each option above with costing, projected annual operating cost for each option, and a recommendation from Shive-Hattery.

In this site, you will see links to Shive-Hattery's recommendations, information about the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) options for funding a project of this magnitude, and how to participate in the process of asking questions and providing feedback to the District.