Hello Neighbor!


  1. Lone Camp VFD is the primary Fire Department and Medical First Response for the Lone Camp area including N. Lakeview Dr and Dunn Dr areas.
  2. Our area of responsibility covers 65 sq miles. Our group also responds to calls outside our primary area when an incident becomes too big for one fire department to handle.
  3. When large area fires happen, Lone Camp VFD is called upon for mutual aid by neighboring counties and the North Texas Council of Governments.
  4. Over the last few years Lone Camp VFD has annually performed 6-7 prescribed burns at local ranchers’ requests to protect their ranchlands from destructive wildfires.
  5. We have approximately 35 active volunteers in our VFD, including full-time residents, non-residents, part time lake folks, men and women. All are welcomed and have a place in our group.
  6. Lone Camp VFD firefighters receive training through the National Emergency Management System (NIMS), Texas Interagency Wildland Fire Academy, US Forest Service, Texas Forest Service, Mineral Wells Fire School and Parker County Fire School.
  7. Lone Camp VFD also provides medical assistance on accident scenes and in homes around our community. Our many Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Emergency Care Attendants are often 1st on scene before the arrival of an ambulance.
  8. We also have a helipad landing site for medical air evacuation.
  9. The money to purchase fire equipment and train our firefighters comes mostly from grant applications, donations, fund raisers & local taxes. Every year we spend most of our budget to purchase and upgrade equipment.
  10. Our equipment includes:
  • 1991 E-One Pumper
  • 1996 Ford F350 Brush Truck
  • 2001 Ford F550 Brush Truck
  • 2007 Chevrolet C5500 Brush Truck
  • 2005 Rosenbauer Urban Interface Truck
  • 1988 Ford 3000 Gal Tender
  • 2006 Kubota ATV
  • 1990 Volvo Haul Truck
  • 2007 Komatsu D31 dozer