CONDUCTOR - Carina Einarson

Director of Music Carina Einarson holds an MFA in Music Education and Choral Teaching from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. In Stockholm she taught choir singing and conducting to young college students and musicians.

From 2011-2016 Carina held the position of Director of Music at the Swedish Church in Marylebone. In 2016 she became the Choir Director of St Paul's, Marylebone.

Carina formed the independent London Nordic Choir in September 2016.

Carina’s enthusiasm and passion for music and singing, her positive approach to leading a choir and her ability to get each and every one of her choristers to grow and develop their voice under her leadership has greatly contributed to London Nordic Choir going from strength to strength in just under two years.


The London Nordic Choir is comprised of singers from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and levels of experience. What unites us is a love of music, a willingness to commit and work diligently in order to achieve very high standards.

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If you are a confident singer and a good sight reader, Carina would be delighted to hear from you. You will be invited to attend a trial rehearsal, so you can get an idea of what the choir is all about, after which there will be a brief audition, taken by Carina. You don't have to be from a Nordic country or speak the language, but hold a great love for the region and the music - and a willingness to learn how to sing in a foreign language. From time to time there are vacancies in all voice parts. You will not be required to prepare a piece in advance of the audition.