The London Nordic Choir (LNC) is an independent 25-person strong choir based in Marylebone, London. Founded in 2016 by Director of Music Carina Einarson, the choir unites those with a passion for choral singing and capturing and promoting the unique sound of the traditional Nordic choral works.

Nordic people love to sing and choral singing has its roots in either Nordic choral works or in folk music. London Nordic Choir use this tradition of choral lightness combined with a reserved intensity where tonal blend and vowel control play an important role. Come and listen - that's the best way to find out what the Nordic sound is really like.

The first years have been busy. Singing at the World Choir Project held at Piccadilly Circus in December 2016, at the opening of the Nordic Matters Festival and the Chorus Choir Festival at the Southbank Centre in 2017 among many other concerts. LNC perform a lot of music from different eras and genres.

Winter performances in December 2017 included Sankta Lucia Christmas concerts in both York Minster and Liverpool Cathedral. Further concerts were held at St Paul's Church in St Albans, at Greenwich Wintertime Festival and at the Southbank Centre.

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Saturday 13 OCTOBER 2018 / 2.30PM

Choir Concert with LNC in DUBLIN / Sandford Parish Church / Dublin 6, Ireland

Sunday 4 NOVEMBER 2018 / 6PM

Music for Reflection and Meditation / St Paul's Marylebone

Saturday 7 DECEMBER 2018 / 7.30PM

Sankta Lucia Christmas Concert / York Minster

Thursday 13 DECEMBER 2018 / 7.00PM

Sankta Lucia Christmas Concert / St John's Hyde Park