Mrs. Barad

Welcome Message

I'm so glad you came to visit! My name is Kim Barad and I am the School Counselor here at Moose Hill. I am here to provide support to all students academically, socially and emotionally to help them feel and perform their best in this new experience of life! Want to learn more? Please explore this Counseling Website for more details or reach out with any questions.

Contact Information

Kim Barad

(603) 437-5855 ext. 7305

Typical Daily Schedule

  • My work schedule at Moose Hill is Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

  • All calls and emails will be returned within 24 hours.

  • Throughout the school year, Kindergarteners in every classroom will have weekly Choose Love lessons, and I will teach some of those lessons.

  • Throughout the school year, Pre-K LEEP students in every classroom will have Diane Alber's Little Spot of Emotion Lessons, and I will teach some of those lessons.

  • Some friends may need some extra practice and may be recommended to participate in social skills or friendship groups.

  • Some friends may need a little extra support during high stress life events and require some special time playing or processing in my office.

Supply List

  • Courage to try new things

  • Willingness to make new friends

  • A positive attitude

  • Energy for having lots of fun!