Ms. Fugate's schedule for the 2019-2020 school year:

D Period: Honors Poetry

E Period: Latin II

F Period: Latin I

Office Hours:

  1. Wednesday after school
  2. by appointment

Contact Info:

Salvete discipuli, discipulae, et parentes,

Whenever new acquaintances learn that I am a Latin teacher, I often see a confused expression on their faces: "Schools still offer that? Really?" Not wanting to be rude, most stop before continuing with "Why?", but its clear that is exactly what they're thinking. Underlying their perplexity is the assumption that a two-thousand-year-old dead language couldn't possible benefit anyone in our increasing complex, technology-driven world.

So why Latin? Yes, it will almost certainly improve your SAT scores. But I think that Latin's greatest strength lies elsewhere. As stated in the video clip Why Study Latin, "Latin teaches logic, order, discipline, structure, precision; Latin is an almost totally consistent system, making Latin less like a language itself and more like an exercise of learning the skill of learning." Latin "will give you the mental habits to learn any other skill." I myself have tested this far too many times in emergency home-repair situations; we've developed a saying at my house: "The best plumbers know Latin."

Latin can be a challenging language to learn; it is structured very differently from English and requires a great deal of memorization to master both the vocabulary and forms. I am here to help; always feel free to come see if you're struggling or email me with questions at

I'm looking forward to a great year together.

- Ms. Fugate