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6/7/2022 - School Board Workshop

Long Range Facilities Master Planning

Previous to their regularly scheduled meeting, on Tuesday, June 7, the School Board will be conducting a workshop to review the results of the Current Existing Conditions and Programming Report prepared by Lavallee Brensinger Architects and the Trident Group, in concert with the Facilities Master Planning Committee. The preliminary review of this information will guide future prioritization of potential facilities projects, and ultimately the Facilities Master Plan itself.
Links to the documents prepared for this process are linked below. Please note that these files are stored in DropBox, but will open without the user having a DropBox account.
School Board Presentation Slides
Current Existing Conditions Report
Updated Conceptual Design Document

2022 - 2023 Facilities Master Planning Process

Update: April 6, 2022

In the Spring of 2022, the district will move into the next phases of the development of a Facilities Master Plan. This plan will come out of a series of steps in which a subcommittee of the original Facilities Study Committee engaged with representatives from the Trident Group and LBA Architects to evaluate the current conditions and use of all school district buildings. From this process, the School Board and district will establish priorities for potential projects going forward. Further details will be posted in the coming weeks.

The Board will be re-charging a Facilities Master Planning Committee at their April 19 regular meeting.

The next step will be a presentation from LBA at a Board work session on Thursday, May 12 at 6:00 PM in the LHS Cafeteria.

Historical Material:

2018 - 2020 Facilities Study Committee

The material contained below represents the efforts of the Facilities Study Committee prior to the inception of the Facilities Master Planning process., as well as the delays in the process resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic This material is offered as a resource to the ongoing planning process, as well as a history of work completed in this area.

Facilities Study Committee Re-Charged:

The Committee will continue on with our work, focusing on the development of a School Facilities 10 Year Master Plan. As an element of that plan, the group will also develop a proposed solution to the space needs at Moose Hill School in a manner consistent with the previous work of the FSC.

Meetings and Minutes: Spring 2020

The Facilities Study Committee will return to regular meetings under our new charge starting in January of 2020. We are pleased to be joined by The Trident Group, who will work as consultants to the process, providing Owner's Project Manager services going forward.

Initial Meeting: January 22, 2020 at the Londonderry School District Offices, 6:00 - 7:30 PM.

Click here to view the agenda for this meeting.

Click here to view the notes from the 1/22 meeting

Next Meeting: February 5, 2020 at the Londonderry School District Offices, 6:00 - 7:30

Original Charge: Spring 2019 (Completed Nov. 2019)

To develop options for the use of and modification of elementary school facilities that alleviates impending overcrowding at Moose Hill School, including accommodations for a possible expansion of Kindergarten to a full-day program. Furthermore, to articulate the impact of proposed solutions on the long-term functional capacity of the existing elementary schools. These options will be presented to the School Board for their consideration.


An option for expanding the existing Moose Hill School to accommodate growth in LEEP and Kindergarten in the existing half-day program.

An option for expanding the Moose Hill School to accommodate the expansion of Kindergarten programming to a full day model, as well as the growth of the LEEP program.

An option for restructuring existing K-5 configurations, including Moose Hill School, to accommodate the growth of LEEP and Kindergarten as well as future increases in elementary enrollment that result from potential population growth in town.

A contingency option for accommodating increased enrollment in Moose Hill School should any potential bond not be supported by the voters.

Meetings and Minutes

Please click the links below to view either the agenda of upcoming meetings, or the minutes of meetings already held:

August 20 & 22, 2019 - School District Building Tours 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Aug 20: North ES, LMS, Matthew Thornton ES

Aug 22: South ES, Moose Hill School, LHS

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 - Organizational meeting, 6:00 PM @ Moose Hill School Click here to view agenda

Click here to view Meeting Minutes from 9/4/19 Meeting

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 - Work Session w/ Moose Hill School staff RE: Full Day K accommodations, Moose Hill School 4:00 - 5:30

Click here to view agenda.

Click here for brainstorming exercise template

Click here to view the Meeting Notes from the 9/18/2019 Meeting

Click here to view Hypothetical Full Day K Space Requirements

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 - Work Session, 6:00 PM @ Moose Hill School Click here to view agenda

Click here to view the meeting notes from the 10/2/2019 Meeting

Wednesday October 23, 2019 - 6:00 - 7:30 @ Moose Hill School

Click here to view the agenda

At this meeting, the group arrived at a consensus regarding the substance of their recommendations in the four areas in their charge. At this point, a draft is being developed for the substance of those recommendations, and we are putting together a presentation for the November 26th School Board Meeting.

A draft of the recommendations will be posted after the School Board presentation on that topic.

CANCELLED: Wednesday October 30, 2019 - 6:00 - 7:30 @ Moose Hill School

Next meeting dates TBD:

Enrollment History

The chart at left outlines the enrollment numbers from 1990 to present, broken out by grade level. Additional information regarding the introduction and growth

NHSAA Enrollment Projections

As a part of a study done in 2015, the NHSAA has provided us with updated enrollment projections over the past three years. The graph at left highlights the changes in those projections according to the key at the bottom of the graph.

Outcome 1: An option for expanding the existing Moose Hill School to accommodate growth in LEEP and Kindergarten in the existing half-day program.

When Moose Hill School opened in 2001, it housed 9 classrooms for half day Kindergarten and two classrooms for the Londonderry Early Education Program, or LEEP, which is a federally-funded preschool program. This program supports students who have been identified with disabilities, as well as a group of 'typical' students. The enrollment in LEEP is 50% special education and 50% non-identified, as is required by regulations governing these programs. Non- identified students pay tuition to attend, and are selected by a lottery. Identified students attend free of charge, which is also required, and supported by the federal funding.

While the number of kindergarten classrooms has decreased to 8, the enrollment of the LEEP Program has increased dramatically over the years. Room use is illustrated on the charts below, with kindergarten rooms in green, and LEEP Classrooms in blue.

Moose Hill School - Opening 2001

Original use of rooms

When Moose Hill School opened in 2001, there were 319 students enrolled in half-day K program, as well as 50 students in the LEEP. The Kindergarten classes (in green) occupied 9 rooms, LEEP occupied 2 (in blue), and the remainder were used for support services or outside groups. (YMCA or District PD)

Moose Hill School Fall 2019

Current use of rooms

At present, the Kindergarten program enrolls 261 students, occupying 8 classrooms. LEEP enrolls 128 and occupies six classrooms (In light blue) with two additional classrooms dedicated to our Friends Program, for students with more severe disabilities, occupying an additional 2 rooms. (Darker shade of blue) One classroom currently serves as the Library, and another as a resource room for Kindergarten students with special education needs. We have added two modular classrooms to meet this need.

Moose Hill Addition Plan 10-26-17.pdf

Outcome 2: An option for expanding the Moose Hill School to accommodate the expansion of Kindergarten programming to a full day model, as well as the growth of the LEEP program.

This option would come into consideration if the District opts to expand the current half-day Kindergarten program to a full day program.

While much of the State of NH has considered the matter of whether or not to offer a full day Kindergarten program, to this point, Londonderry has not held that discussion until now. Prior to making any decision to move forward with any building modifications to the Moose Hill School, or to redistricting or re configuring grade levels, this is a matter that should be discussed and factored into such a plan. The District will be conducting surveys of parent groups and community members this fall in an effort to gauge support for such a move. A detailed report was presented to the School Board last spring - the text from which is linked below. At this point, no direction on Full Day Kindergarten has been set. The task of our committee is to develop a contingency for building modification that would allow for the adoption of this program should the Board and the community choose that direction.

What facilities alterations would a Full-Day K program require at Moose Hill?

At our September 18 meeting, members of the FSC met with K teachers from Moose Hill to discuss potential space requirements for a full-day K program. The group produced a chart, indexed by a hypothetical day of school, highlighting possible changes or additions that would be required by a transition to full day. We discussed classroom changes, infrastructure (parking, access) and related services ranging from academic support to lunch and recess.

While this experience was far from conclusive, it did provide us with a perspective on the broad range of accommodations that would be necessary should the District choose to make this change in our Kindergarten program.

A chart detailing our findings can be viewed by clicking this link.

Can a second floor be added on Moose Hill School?

Questions have arisen regarding the possibility of a second floor being added at Moose Hill School. The main (North) wing of the building has been designed for that purpose. That said, there are regulations regarding location of primary aged students on upper floors of a school building. Click here to view a scanned copy of these regulations.

Moose Hill Addition 6-2000.pdf

Outcome 3: An option for restructuring existing K-5 configurations, including Moose Hill School, to accommodate the growth of LEEP and Kindergarten as well as future increases in elementary enrollment that result from potential population growth in town.

This includes grade level configuration, redistricting, possible re purposing of buildings, and addition/modification of current elementary schools

Part of our work will include the development of an option for reorganizing existing grade configurations in all schools grades K-5, in order to develop a solution to impending increases in enrollment and space needs in all three of our elementary schools. As has been discussed in detail, the District has expanded the offerings of in-house programs for our students with more acute special education needs, resulting in both an improvement of services and a considerable savings to the Londonderry taxpayer. At present, our in-District programs occupy a total of seven full-sized classrooms. We also support our music and art programs maintaining their own learning space, which occupies two classrooms at each of the three elementary schools. As we grow, each of these rooms must be accounted for in our calculation of functional capacity, or be re-purposed to accommodate regular classrooms.

The result of this use of space, and the increasing enrollment in our elementary aged population, require us to consider possible reconfiguration to maximize the use of existing space independently of possible expansion of the Moose Hill School, or of any of the three elementary schools in the District in order to insure the community that all possibilities are being considered adequately.

North ES - Room Usage

MTS Room Usage

South ES Room Usage

Hypothetical: 4th ES

In the past, the District has inquired as to what a 4th elementary school might look like, were one ever to be built with a more contemporary design. The plan at left was provided by an architect, and based upon a composite of other recent projects.

Hypothetical: Additions for a single District-wide K-1st Grade School

One possibility that has been explored is the idea of Moose Hill becoming a school for all Kindergartners and 1st Graders in Londonderry. This would ease space concerns at the other three building, but would form a school that would be similar in size to LMS. The plan above would incorporate LEEP and a Full Day Kindergarten program, but would present considerable logistics challenges due to the size of the building.

Outcome 4: A contingency option for accommodating increased enrollment in Moose Hill School should any potential bond not be supported by the voters.

The fourth item for consideration is a contingency plan that will address the possibility that any proposal for building expansion or reconfiguration may not be supported by the voters. Such an outcome would not absolve the District of a responsibility to accommodate all resident children in our existing facilities. Options to consider and develop could include:

The use of additional modular or temporary classroom space

The increasing of maximum class sizes

The re-purposing of existing instructional space used for Art, Music, and the Library at Moose Hill School.

Other options that may be recommended by the Committee not identified as of yet.

Ultimately, the objective of this outcome is to state clearly the possible accommodations that would be necessary should no action be taken by the Board or by the voters.

Available space for modular classrooms

One of the options to consider under this outcome would be to add in modular classrooms at Moose Hill, or at each/any of the three elementary schools. In considering that possibility, we are currently working to determine where space may be available at each building to add such space. This determination includes site work needed to allow for electricity, plumbing, and access corridors as well as the preparation of the physical site for such units.

The committee will consider this option with contingencies for such issues as the loss of outdoor play space, overall cost, loss of parking, and maintenance of appropriate fire access lanes.

Satellite photos at left and below feature shaded areas that identify locations that could be used for modular classrooms at each of the three elementary schools, and at Moose Hill. Please note that some of these locations feature sitework that would alter the use of outdoor spaces as highlighted above.

Available Options for Increasing Functional Capacity Without Additional Permanent Building Space

The following options are available to the District to increase the functional capacity of the school buildings without adding additional permanent physical space .

    • Re purposing existing space to classroom and instructional support, such as library/media space, computer labs, art and music classrooms, administrative or conference space, or any other classrooms or space committed to purposes other than direct instruction. (i.e. reading , math enrichment, etc.)

    • Extending District minimum class sizes to accommodate additional students. (Current class size guidelines are 20 students for Grades K-2 and 25 for Grades 3-5. State maximums are 25 students in Grades K-2 and 30 in Grades 3-5.)

    • Locating additional modular classrooms at each school. Potential sites for each school are illustrated by the shaded areas in the aerial photos above.

    • Redistricting existing school or AM/PM areas, if doing so alleviates an imbalance in student distribution.