Inside LCES

Welcome, come and take a look around! We're so grateful to have a fantastic building to grow and learn together as a community. 

Here is our front office. Our helpful office administrator, Ms. Bethel, works here and is ready to help everyone and keep school operations working smoothly. The Administration Offices and Health Room are also located in this front area of the school. 

The atrium shown here is just inside our front entrance. On the right side you will notice a hand-painted tree outline on which pictures of LCES families are shown so we can all get to know each other. 

We are thankful to have a gym that is a safe place to be active in gym class, gather for all-school chapels, after school sports, and other community events. 

Here is a primary classroom near the front of our school. This year, we have positioned desks far away from each other and removed some of the items we normally would have in the room to allow for flexible seating and a variety of spaces for exciting learning opportunities. 

An intermediate classroom. Notice the school theme, chosen each year to connect us - this year "The joy of the Lord is our strength." We have a fun tradition of students decorating a ceiling tile in this room at the end of the grade seven year.  

This kindergarten lassroom has the joy of being right up front at the school.  Our  kindergarten rooms are nearly mirrors of each other in terms of design, but have a unique character of their own. 

JK/SK Outdoor Learning Space

JK/SK Outdoor Learning Space,  separated by gate from parking lot.

Here is the rear of our property in all its green glory. It is fenced all around the  edge, giving plenty of space for our students to play together.  The portables in this picture have been removed, and the trees have grown taller, but we love to remember what our playground likes like in late spring!

Our staffroom is a place where our staff take a well deserved breather throughout the day and connect with colleagues.  

Our Learning Commons is located in a central spot in the back of the school. Besides being a place for students to check out books, it is also a place where small groups gather to work on learning tasks. We are thankful for many volunteers who make our library program work, allowing weekly access for students.  

This is our teacher workroom. This is one of several spaces our teachers use to create engaging learning experiences for our students using technology, hands-on-learning, and a variety of educational tools. 

We are very excited about this recent addition to our building, a sensory room called the Snoezelen room.  We desire to serve students coming to us each day that have a diverse range of ability. 

 This is our Learning Spot, a wonderful place of student support and extra elbow room  for students to spread, learn, and receive help. 

We have installed something fun in our primary hallway - a sensory path!  Students are frequently found hopping and moving through its many steps. It promotes sensory awareness, self regulation, and adds an element of fun!

"The Hub" is a recess alternate provided for two students from each classroom on a rotating cycle a classroom teacher maintains. It is a place to do a craft, play a game, or get learning help for tasks from peers or the staff member who supervises.  Students look foward to the next time its their turn to go with a friend.