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You can study three kinds of things at Logophilia:

2. Study with Logophilia Online

Logophilia began its journey online during a 2020 pandemic-driven push. Since then, we've created a rich set of self-paced programmes online, in 

We now have students from 68 countries studying Logopjhilia progammes online. 

Click learn more to explore the range of Logophilia's online programmes.

3. Get Logophilia for Your School

Logophilia has been working with schools from a time even before the name Logophilia had been registered as an organisation. Since then, Logophilia has worked with 66 schools across 3 countries. 

Here are some downloads that you may need to get started ↓

4. Book a 1-on-1 Session with Dhruv

Dhruv Raj Sharma is big into Psychology. He is the founder and CEO of Logophilia & the Public Speaking Programme. But, more than that, he's a self-made person. And, those two things together make him great at problem-solving. Want one-on-one time with Dhruv?

5. Get Logophilia Products

Logophilia has created 14 books | 4 flashcards | & Merch more! ;)


To place your order, please write to us, or call us at +917800300018.

6. Participate in Logophilia Olympiads

Logophilia olympiads date back to 2009. What started as small quIzzes inside a classroom, went on to become the only International on-stage Vocabulary Olympiad in the world - the Logo+philia International Gala! But, the thing that makes the Gala uniquely spectacular is that it's a school Vs. university contest. That's right. 19-25 year-olds compete with 12-16 yeard-olds, live on stage! 😍😎

Between 2011 and 2018, we organised 5 editions of the Logophilia Gala Olympiad. We were forced by COVID to take a pause. We shall soon be back. 

To express your interest in registerig yourself, or your school in the Gala, click on apply now.

Logo+philia International Gala Videos


Not sure where to begin? You could start with these. Get the Logic of English Words Book & Flaschards, if you like reading, or playing! 

Get Latest Editions

Logophilia doesn't believe in stagnation! We create a product. Fall in love with it. Then tear it down, & build it again, like it never existed! 

Most of our flagship products are now in a very updated and revised state. 

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Logophilia's social media jouney began as early as October, 2010. 

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