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My name is Kyle. My avatar “Ball is Life” represents me because I’m constantly working on my game. Everyday after school I’m outside shooting basketball. I spend at least an hour outside everyday working on my jumpshot. I play three sports which are basketball, baseball and I run Cross-Country. My best time in Cross-Country is 12:45. The most points I’ve scored in a game is 22 points. I play shortstop and bat first in baseball. My favorite baseball team is the Cubs and my favorite player is Javier Baez. (Sadly they just lost in the wildcard) My favorite basketball team is the Buckeyes and my all time favorite player for the Buckeyes is Aaron Craft. I don’t have a favorite NBA team because they all flop too much. My favorite food is cheese curds and my favorite beverage is Barq’s Root Beer. Some of my friends are Carson, Sam (He’s a nerd) and Lance. These are some facts about me, I hope you come back and read our blogs!


The series between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees was very interesting. Though the series might not of seemed close, but the players were playing like it was the World Series. In this blog post I’m going to walk you through and tell you how every game went down.

Game one was in Boston because they had the better regular season record. The starting pitcher for the Boston was Chris Sale and the starter for the Yankees was J.A. Happ. In the first inning the Red Sox get two runners on base and J.D Martinez comes up to bat and hits a shot over the Green Monster. Red Sox are up 3-0. Chris Sale shuts the Yankees down in the second and third inning. Then, the Red Sox come up to bat and get two runners on again. Steve Pearce comes up to bat and hits a single to knock in Mookie Betts. The Yankees have to take out J.A. Happ with pitching only two innings. Next, Xander Bogaerts comes up to bat and hits a sacrifice fly to knock in Andrew Benintendi. The both teams don’t score in the fourth and fifth innings. The Yankees try to make a come back, but just can’t. They come up just short. The Red Sox win game one 5-4.

Game two was still is Boston. The starting pitcher for the Red Sox was David Price and for the Yankees it was Masahiro Tanaka. The Yankees can’t afford to lose this game and they know that. In the first two innings they score three runs with Judge and Sanchez homering and Andrew McCutchen driving in a run with a hit to deep left. Bogaerts homers to left, but the Red Sox are still down 3-1. The Yankees aren’t going to let the Red Sox make this come back. Sanchez hits a three run homer to put the Red Sox up 6-1. The Red Sox score one more run, but lose 6-2. The series is tied and it’s headed to New York.

Game three as you saw in the last paragraph is in New York. The starting pitcher for the Red Sox was Nathan Eovaldi and for the Yankees it was Luis Severino. In the second inning the Red Sox scored one. In the third inning the Red Sox scored two. In the fourth inning the Red Sox scored seven runs. In through four innings the score is already 10-0. The Yankees scored one run in the fourth, but that was it. The Red Sox went on to score six more runs and won 16-1. What a blow-out!

Game four was still in New York. If the Yankees win this game it will go back to Boston and that will decide who advances. The starting pitcher for the Red Sox was Rick Porcello and the starter for the Yankees was C.C. Sabathia. I don't know what it is with the Red Sox scoring all their runs in the third inning, but it happened again. They score three runs making the score 3-0. In the fourth inning Christian Vazquez hit a homer to put the Red Sox up 4-0. The Yankees aren't going down without a fight though. They scored one in the fifth. Then, Craig Kimbrel comes in to the ninth inning, to try and advance the Red Sox to the next series. It isn't looking all that good though for the Red Sox because the bases were loaded and Craig just hit a guy to make the score 4-2. The Yankees score another run to make the score 4-3! Can the Yankees do it, can they score two runs and go to Boston to try and advance to the next series? No, no they can't. The Red Sox won the game 4-3. The Red Sox won the series three games to one. The series wasn't very close, but some of the games were! The score of the games that were close were 5-4, 6-2 and 4-3. The Red Sox advance to play the reigning champs the Houston Astros. This is how the series went down between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.

Week 9 Blogging Challenge

This post is for the Week 9 Blogging Challenge. I did not do one of the tasks, but I did do something my teacher asked of me. In this post, I wrote about three different blogs. I gave a 1-2 sentence summary and wrote what I thought was appealing on their blog.

My (Christmas) Blog

I thought that the person writing this post did a great job writing how to make it snow, creating a Christmas countdown and creating an image on their blog.

Christmas Traditions

I thought the person writing this blog post did an outstanding job explaining what are some Christmas traditions some people do. I thought it was appealing that he talked about what he did every year for Christmas.

Week 8 Blog Challenge

The person who wrote this did a good job explaining why they enjoy Christmas. I thought it was appealing that they talked about why they didn’t like Christmas just for the presents, but they like Christmas because they get to see their family.

Kyle M Rine

Mrs. Caudill


29 March 2019

The Community

What gives the people in the community the right to say what assignment you have? In the book The Giver, the elders decide what assignment you have. Also, something the elders do for Jonas’ community studies them very closely. There are speakers in every home and the elders are listening all the time. It’s not right for the elders to decide what your future is going to be. You should be able to decide what you want to do and how your future is going to be. I would hate to live in Jonas’ community because there’s no freedom, you get everything everyone else has and assignments. Without a doubt, living in Jonas’ community is a horrible idea.

The first reason I wouldn’t want to live in Jonas’ community is because everyone has the same stuff, no matter what assignment they have. I don’t agree with this because one assignment might be harder than another, but they’re still going to get the same stuff. An example would be, a pilot should get paid the same as a McDonald’s employee. A pilot has a way harder and more dangerous job than a McDonald's employee, so they shouldn’t get paid the same. Also, you feel better if you have to work for something. An example is, if I have to do chores for 10 dollars, I would feel a lot better rather than if someone just gave me 10 dollars.

The second reason I wouldn’t want to live in Jonas’ community is the assignments. When I think of the word of assignment I think of something you have to do. In Jonas’ community if you don’t like any of the assignments you can choose to be released. In the U.S everyone can find a job they want to do. If someone chooses a job they don’t want to do in the U.S, they can just find a new job. In the community, if the elders chose an assignment you don’t want, you have to stick to that assignment.

My final reason why I wouldn’t want to live in Jonas’ community is because of the freedom. Jonas’ community has borders and you can’t go outside the borders. I like to travel and see new areas, I couldn’t just stay in the same place until I get old or die. There’s also a lot of rules for such a small community. For example, girls under the age of 9 have to make sure their braids are tied tight. They also have to stay with the assignment they are given, they don’t have the freedom to change assignments.

Some might say they want to live in Jonas’ community because it’s safe and for the weather-control. It’s “safe” because they’re no guns or any type of weapons in the community, but how are they going to protect themselves if intruders come in? People also might like weather-control because they don’t like the cold, but you wouldn’t look forward to warm weather if you didn’t experience the cold. You wouldn’t enjoy the warm weather as much if you always experienced it.

In conclusion, I would not want to live in Jonas’ community. The reasons for that being they give you your assignments, you get what everyone else has and freedom. If I lived in Jonas’ community I would be constantly thinking, should I be doing this, what will the elders think? There’s no way I could live in Jonas’ community! I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. ~Thomas Jefferson