Seeking out a problem and creating a unique, realistic solution based on research and/or experiences.


Success Indicators

  • Demonstrates critical thinking & problem solving
  • Uses creativity to generate new and better ideas


  • Student choice
  • Productive struggle
  • Creating
  • Questioning
  • Problem solving
  • Explain reasoning
  • Prototypes


  • Makerspace
  • PBL
  • STEAM challenges/activities
  • Passion projects
  • Scientific Lab Analysis
  • Student groups/clubs based on student interests


Middle school students compete in the Junior Engineering Competition at state Beta convention to build a functioning rollercoaster out of limited materials.


First grade students create animals from aluminum foil.


Art students work cooperatively to paint an artroom table. They shared individual ideas with preliminary sketches and jointly selected the theme "Honeycomb".



Eighth grade students created a functioning device completely out of recycled materials.

Students create various prototypes including a working vending machine, a floating trash skimmer, and a device to protect new shoes from the rain.

volume & surface pbl

Eighth grade students build a structure to bring tourism to Logan County. Students built both a digital model using TinkerCad and a physical model. Students then calculated the surface area and volume of each shape in their structure.



Eighth grade ELA students demonstrated their understanding of a novel in a variety of methods: monologues, poetry, models, music, and art. This student creates a water color painting to demonstrate her understanding of theme.

designing costumes

Students design and create costumes, props, and sets for a classroom play.

building bridges

First grade students engineering bridges with legos.


First graders deciding what to make out of recyclable materials.


First grade students design what they are going to make out of the recycling they have collected.


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