Finding my role in the world to make it fair, equitable, and sustainable.


Success Indicators

  • Describes role and demonstrates respect
  • Participates in opportunities to impact the community
  • Evaluates decisions and actions
  • Demonstrates safe, legal, and ethical behavior


  • Respectful of others
  • Shows empathy for others
  • Cultural awareness
  • Cause and effect relationships
  • Use of appropriate social skills
  • Active role in school or community


  • Digital Field Trips
  • Opportunities for community involvement
  • Guest speakers
  • Frequent opportunities for students to work together
  • PBL’s that affect the school, community, etc.
  • Using diverse picture books
  • Junior Achievement
  • Mystery Skype
  • Community service projects - in school, community, world
  • Empathy Interviews
  • Design Thinking

youTube video

A student-created YouTube video explains how changing air vents keeps home owners from wasting electricity, saving homeowners money.


Primary students traveled to the fire department to learn about fire safety. They met firefighters and community helpers who work to keep people safe.

Student greeters

First grade greeters welcome students as they arrive at school.

kindness club

First grade Kindness Club students contracted with parents to do chores for money. They brought money in and purchased toys for others.


Students volunteer at the Logan County Animal Shelter.


Eighth graders learn about broadcast journalism at WBKO.

reaching out

Middle school students reach out to residents of the Auburn Health Care Manor.

learning economics

Fifth grade students practice economic skills, budgeting mock households for the Dollar and Sense Program.

Recycling PBL

First graders work to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Students collect recyclables from teachers around the school and reuse items to create new products.

Global Citizen

Global Citizen k-12 Continuum