Taking an active role in choosing, demonstrating, and evaluating learning goals to master key skills and competencies.


Success Indicator

  • Sets personal learning goals
  • Co-constructs personal learning environments to develop personalized learning processes
  • Uses a growth mindset
  • Demonstrates their learning in a variety of ways.
  • Understands the benefit of productive struggle in the learning process


  • Student goal setting
  • Students collecting data and analyzing/interpreting
  • Self-paced learning
  • Students utilizing multiple strategies to get through struggle
  • Student presentations of their individual learning
  • Using available resources
  • Trial and error
  • Intentional learners


  • Use of digital portfolios
  • Self-assessment
  • Students graph and keep track of their own data
  • Exhibition of learning
  • Student-led conferences
  • PBL's that inspire students to be enthused.
  • Student choice in learning decisions

Mini-Golf Courses

Pre-Calculus students design a miniature golf course using their knowledge of vectors.

Passion Projects

A student works on her passion project about YouTube (her future career).

Goal Setting

Primary students set goals for the new year.

Recycling PBL


First grade students at Chandlers code a robot to complete tasks.

fitness club

Students participate in a fitness class at the Carpenter Center. Students choose their monthly club based on their interests.

SCK Launch

Students explore medical careers they are interested in pursuing.

career festival

Eighth grade students attend a career festival in Bowling Green and explore career paths they find interesting.


Second grade students develop their individual graphs after researching topics they chose and surveying peers.


Kindergarten students practice self-paced reading and writing.

teaching others

Eighth grade students teach fifth grade students about their individual lessons on bull-riding.


Students investigate, predict, and analyze data within the chemistry lab.

Empowered Learner

Empowered learners k-12 Continuum